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Using LUT’S in Avid Media Composer

Sometimes Avid Media Composer can be a little tricky to navigate. I did some research on LUT’s in Avid Media Composer. It took a few steps to get to which wasn’t as straight forward as . Here is a video tutorial I did on Using LUT’S in Avid Media Composer.  A LUT (lookup Table) is […]

Closet Monster Battle Kit – Managing Anxiety

Got Closet Monsters? Val Ostara, is releasing a unique offering for children and families struggling with anxiety. The Closet Monster Battle Kit is the only anxiety management system of it’s kind. Designed for children aged 7-12, the kit teaches practical anxiety reduction and management skills through hands-on props, gadgets, activities, games, and more. Val Ostara’s […]

Gratidude & Kindness Video Book Trailer

In this Modern Parents Guide, you’ll find out how to enrich your children’s lives by making gratitude and kindness real to them. Based on the latest in science and psychological research, this book will teach you the practical skills to buffer the effects of entitlement and turn your family around. • Discover why YOU need […]