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Screenwriting-Before you start your script

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Here are some great tips to help you before you actually start your script.. Via Jeanne Bowerman:

1. Do a vomit writing sprint of the idea to try to flush it out a bit and brainstorm the “what if?” question at every turn.
2. Logline: That’s key. Make sure it shows all the conflict possible in the story.
3. Character bios and backstory. A lot of this never makes it to the script, but it helps me get to know the characters I’m going to spend many months with… if not years. Identifying their wound is key.
4. Beat sheet: A good example is one by Michael Hauge and Chris Volger’s The Hero’s 2 Journeys (DVD). Love their approach on matching plot points to character development.
5. Fill in the beats with scenes (or sequences of scenes) to make a full outline.
6. Write a synopsis. This helps me see the holes in the story.
7. Adjust the beat sheet if need be.
8. Import the outline into Final Draft with sluglines. That way your never looking at a white page :)