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Transform your body at Yaletown Fitness

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Yaletown’s premiere boutique fitness studio. Bringing inspiration: Their mission is to bring inspiration to those who may feel exhausted from years of trying. “We believe we can be in the prime of our lives and also help others to find the same. There are no boundaries to what can be accomplished, when you put your heart, mind and soul into whatever you are trying to achieve. When we are young we can’t wait to get older so people take us more seriously; when we are a little older we wish we were young again because we wouldn’t waste our youth. Our solution to this problem is to embrace your age, whatever it is, by choosing to take better care of yourself.

We wish to inspire. Age is just a number. Life is about reaching, breathing, and living to your fullest potential. We train people ranging from those who have never exercised before to professional athletes and celebrities. We provide amazing support! We know the price people have to pay for bad lifestyle habits…stop getting sick, being injured, having low energy… live a healthy life longer! We encourage you to take an advantage of our free initial consultation at our boutique where you can discuss your fitness goals and expectations. Based on this, along with your health and fitness history, we can make recommendations on future exercise and nutrition program options”.

King & Country Grooming Products

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The King & Country brand was inspired out of a desire to produce Canadian products that re-capture a time when men were proud to call themselves gentleman. Gentlemen have great style, manners, and confidence. When they walk into a room, they get noticed. But appearance is only one aspect. For true gentlemen, they live by the old values. Their word is everything. Their actions are based on who they choose to be, not upon the opinions of others. They will stand up for who and what they believe in. They give more than they receive. We believe these qualities unite all gentlemen. It takes hard work to be a gentleman. King & Country makes it just a little bit easier.

The philosophy behind their products is simple. They wanted to make a Canadian product that would embody the values of quality and style. Products are water-based and pH conscious and take into consideration every stage of use from the moment they’re applied to the time they’re washed off. They tested multiple formulas until they could offer something that they were proud to stand behind. Produced locally in Vancouver in small batches to ensure that strict levels of quality are maintained. Styles can change, but in their opinion quality should never be compromised.

King and Country Matte Pomade:
For every Yin there is a Yang, and along side our Shine Pomade comes a powerful alternative with a Matte finish. King & Country Matte Pomade Paste goes in smooth and sets up with a natural look to finish off your style. An understated yet well-maintained grooming product for the gentleman on the go.
King & Country Shave Lotion King and Country Shave Cream: Specifically designed the the pH of your skin in mind. The pH blanaced Smooth Shave Lotion provides a soap-less shave that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated whether you’re doing a quick line-up or a full shave. You’ll be amazed how soft your skin feels after using the Smooth Shave Lotion. This is the ‘must have’ item in every man’s shave repertoire.
King & Country Shine Pomade: Original Canadian Water-Based Pomade. As the flagship product of the King & Country Line, this Pomade is designed with a variety of styles taken into consideration. It can be used on dry or wet hair, with or without a comb, and you can use a little pomade for light hold or two fingers for strong. Create an impressive array of daily styles with this one key product. King & Country have designed an effective tool in their Shine Pomade that combines a strong hold with a classic shine, but one that can easily be rinsed out at the end of the day. Purchase King & Country Products here

Learn & Network with Internet Masterminds Meetup

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Internet Masterminds is a technology networking event in Vancouver hosted by Matt Astifan the founder of Web Friendly. The Meetup is in its 5th year which – at over 4000 members – is the largest internet marketing meetup in the world.