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This Is Home Documentary Trailer – Story behind the beast, the fire that devastated Fort McMurray

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This is not just a story about devastation. It’s not a story about tragedy, oil, or the environment. This is a story about how a husband and wife immigrated from India to Northern Alberta to start a new life. It’s a story about the different people that came to call Fort McMurray home and how 30 years after the filmmaker was born there, his home-town almost burned to the ground.

From the ashes of one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history, this documentary explores the restoration of hope in a community that faced tragedy and devastation.

Var Bhalla (narrator and guiding character) returns to his hometown after ‘the Beast’ ravaged the city. The repercussions of the fire introduces viewers to the characters in the story and the life-changing effects it had on them.

The story focuses on the immigration of the Bhalla family before shifting to the relationship between the filmmaker and his brother as they reflect on life growing up in the isolated north and connect with members in the community.

This documentary aims to strip away the dramatization of the mainstream media and connect viewers to the raw human experience of finding the strength to rebuild after chaos.

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Closet Monster Battle Kit (Helping children and families manage anxiety)

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Got Closet Monsters?

Val Ostara, is releasing a unique offering for children and families struggling with anxiety. The Closet Monster Battle Kit is the only anxiety management system of it’s kind. Designed for children aged 7-12, the kit teaches practical anxiety reduction and management skills through hands-on props, gadgets, activities, games, and more.
Val Ostara’s campaign is now underway. She is pre-selling kits and offering a bunch of cool perks.

Gratidude & Kindness Video Book Trailer

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In this Modern Parents Guide, you’ll find out how to enrich your children’s lives by making gratitude and kindness real to them. Based on the latest in science and psychological research, this book will teach you the practical skills to buffer the effects of entitlement and turn your family around. • Discover why YOU need to care about gratitude in your family. • Find out where entitlement comes from and how it is continues to grow. • Use our Family Change Model to help save your family from entitlement. • Realize what YOU can do about it right now. Written by two clinical psychologists in the field of parenting, this guide combines experiences from their clinic with current scientific data. Dr. Ferrari and Dr. Fry are often quoted by local and national lifestyle magazines and television for their expert advice and tips – from Canadian Living, Global News and Today’s Parent to Flare, ELLE, Canadian Family, and more. Begin reading now and see how you can inoculate and safeguard against the damaging effects of our entitlement-enhancing society.